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RushStar R.S.Proteks Technology Bank® Canada - Middle East

Over 25 Years, supplied great amount of sharp edged innovative products through many RushStar departments around the world, welcome to an ever revolving mind!

RushStar is the first to invent Submarine battery storage/restoration system in 1986, RushStar invented the first Canadian engine treatment package in 1993, RushStar is the first procedure to wild the ginseng in 1995, RushStar is the first to invent the hovercraft Teflon skirt in 1997, RushStar is the first to invent the Nano Ginseng in 2001, RushStar is the first to invent Human Body local HGH in 2005, RushStar is the first to pioneer the wild Arabian ginseng in 2007, RushStar is the first to actuate Nano silver in ginseng phytos in 2010, RushStar is the first to invent The Amazing Thermal Spring Therapy Extract in 2013, you should try it in the comfort and safety of your own home - "Innovation is an ever revolving mind" Prof. Rushwan - Canada


New Break-through from RushStar Corporation to treat Cancer, Inspired by a 3,235-million-year-old Thermal Spring system, Produced by the 21st century Nano Technology, Very Soon from RushStar....


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 Directed by: Dr. Hamed A. M. Rushwan, B.Sc.-B.A.T.S, Ph.D.

Automotive, Healthcare, Autism Organic Outdoor Hydroponics, Ceramics,  Advanced fabrics, Materials Consulting, Research subcontracting and more.......

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Products proudly been supplied by Corporation International Technology Bank - RCITB - to clients around the world:

 Wild Ginseng, Termal Su, Thermal water extract, Niagara, Ginsenosides Phytos, RushStar Concentrated Engine Oil, Petroleum/Synthetic Engine Treatment Fuel System Treatment Engine Flush Engine Coolant Engine Antifreeze Windshield Washers Car Wash Car Battery Rejunivators Battery Storing Hybrid Batteries Technology Magnetic Oil Filters Ceramic Mufflers Abrasive Hand Cleaner RushStar Anti Puncher, RushStar  Tire linear Radiator cleaners Fuel Octane Converters RushStar Anti Smoke Additives Compression Treatment RushStar Superior Lubricants, RushStar Waste Oil Heaters, Life Vests Security Vests Non Flammable Fabrics Tefal/Teflon Cook sheets Waterproof fabrics -50*c flexible fabric Anti Chemical Fabrics, Floating Fabrics Sun Exposure proof Inflatable Boats Fabrics, Ginseng Extracts Wild Ginseng Farming Wild Ginseng Tea and candy Herbal Extracting HGH Natural Formulas RushStar Diet Cheese, Herbal NiagarA Antibiotic Silver Water, Women Support, Men Power, Magnetic therapy Products Magnetic Water Filters Aroma therapy generators Ultraviolet Water Purifiers Hair restorers and stimulators Hair suppressants, RushStar Perfume extracting and fixing Anti dandruff Shampoo Anti headache Shampoo therapeutic rub composition grease Free Hand Cleaners and Anti-grease, Household detergents RushStar Anti roaches Paints Anti roaches chalk Anti mice bait Ants Destroyer, RushStar Bait Mosquito destroyers Try before you buy samples, RushStar Outdoor inverters Wind Power Harvesters Deep Cycle Batteries RushStar Solar Power to Ac Systems, RushStar Inflatable shelter, RushStar  Personal Protection, RushStar Bartering System Modules, Prof. Rushwan Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs, Ceramic Diamonds, The International Technology Bank RushStar

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RushStar ®, NiagarA®, RushStar Engine Treatment Package®, RushStar Fuel System Treatment®, RushStar Compatible Flush®, Magnetic Bandage®, Oil Filter Magnetic Strap®, Water Pipe Magnetic Straps®, NanoPro®, NanoMax ®, Tuwafat ®, Hovercollege ®, Nozul ®, Aien ®,  Elixir ®,  Super X ® Extreme ®,  Nanotron ®,  Nanofun ®,  Nanoguts ®,  Nanosemen ®,  XXX ®,  Nanotek ®,  Nanomax Plus ®,  BioSilver ®,  R.S.Proteks ® Niagara Misr ®,  Arabian Ginseng ®,  Sugarfree Honey ®,  G syrup ®,  Autism ®, RushStar Hoverfabric®, and Hundreds of related international technology bank RushStar products are all registered to RushStar® R.S.Proteks® Technology Bank, Canada. Copyrights


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