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Who is the author of these courses?

Dr Rushwan with his new Protek to trigger Wild Ginseng !

Dr. Hamed A. Mohamed Rushwan, B.Sc-B.A.T.S, Ph.D. is a Published Author , Accomplished Inventor, and Corporate CEO.

more about Dr. Rushwan

Dr. Rushwan offers a 3 decades business strategies in 7 amalgamated courses through his long lasting corporation: RushStar Corporation ®

over 3 decades Dr. Rushwan accomplished many successful projects from Engine treatment to Hovercrafts and from Wild Ginseng forests to the Famous Niagara anti ED

more accomplishments:

what projects been accomplished using these 7 strategies?

RushStar Automotive ®

one of the most successful automotive treatment suppliers, in retail and in Bulk

RushStar Invented the first engine treatment in Canada and the first 2 cycle engine treatment, we are the genuine

Watch the TV Commercial

You'll learn in these self educational business courses How to start with zero budget and success,  how Dr. Rushwan invented his first engine treatment from home with no budget and got a better letter from Canadian tire and a his first $ 60.000,00 dollars first order from Wal-Mart learn the logic secret of zero budget - big sales equation that works every time

for the third decade RushStar Automotive still in business from the RushStar Technology bank, and happy to supply you with all the bulk engine treatments, fuel system treatments, Octane surge 115, Engine flush, and all bulk hi end formulas to start your own automotive business, get the amalgamated courses now


 International ®

Hovercollege was the first in the world to invent the Teflon Skirt for Hovercraft, this amazing patent invention from Dr. Rushwan made the Hovercollege a reference in the hovercraft business

looking at the needs was the key secret, how to do this is explained in the Strategies Course in detailes

Why the Teflon Skirt was the right entrance to the Hovercraft industry?, learn more


The Private Wild Ginseng Forests ®

Dr. Rushwan Succeeded in returning the Ginseng to the forest again and trigging it wild in less than 7 years


Using the ever developed Strategies courses, you can start the same project but with easier and more smoother path, learn how

How Dr. Rushwan invented the fall safe strategy in such dangerous investment and expensive start, and how he survived it with multi million dollars investment

learn how to manage a long term investment by initiating a short term annual margin, beginning from the leaves, stems, fruits, roots and even medical perfume

Niagara ®

The Private Wild Ginseng Forests ® didn't stop at just harvesting the wild ginseng components, Dr. Rushwan stated the strategies of how to multiply the margin by Extracting the wild ginseng not into third generation regular extracts but into the seventh generation Phytos

To have the forest, then the Extract, then the final capsule.  this is what we call fall safe strategies, simply you have it all, let's show you how ®

Welcome to the Nano Medicine

Dr. Rushwan Starts the first Natural Nano treatment Mechanizm in a cream and a capsule. How to do this is a part of these detailed courses, do yourself a favor and see how to start right like a 3 decades experienced professional

How to obtain a whole technology line from the internet and offer your people the best of the line for a decade to come!

R.S.Proteks Technology bank ®

The International technology bank used the same strategies to offer the best consulting for ProTeks Projects

The Business opportunities

How to offer through our strategies the proteks you obtained and applied for final products for business Opportunities privacy policy and Terms Of Service TOS






ÃÚáì ]

Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs



"A Survival kit for every Technology Related Business"

From Innovation to Mass Production
Seven Major Steps you should Consider.

and hundreds of hints and tips

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BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Entrepreneurship
SCIENCE / Research
SELF-HELP / Motivational
Technology/ Management

About the CEO



Dr. Hamed A. Mohamed Rushwan, B.Sc-B.A.T.S, Ph.D. is a Published Author and Accomplished Inventor, and Corporate CEO.


His major Intellectual was his Ph.D. Theses Case studies with 7 years of continuous Developments and 1M$ of research expenditures, the title was "Research & Development Techniques, A thesis Case Studies" ISBN 0-9737536-1-7.  Containing 7 deferent know-how for businesses and how to extract new technology and new products.  The price tag was $20,000 per copy including the Know-how license, it’s obvious, and the title was for a special discriminative Audience.


Dr. Rushwan’s latest title is reaching for broader audience and with a price tag less than 100 per online-course, Dr. Rushwan put most of the the strategies he used in the first title for people who would like to do the same to reach the same or even better


Dr. Rushwan was only 13 when conceiving his first invention, he, entered the market of new products when he became 16, registered his first company when he was 19, and applied for his first patent application when he was 21. His skepticism toward the patent process is well documented within his online-course, although he has registered around 17 patent applications He insists that registration should be an strategy and ultimately not to pursue the final patent in most cases, why? It is explained in the online-course.


Dr. Rushwan’s inventions are new products and solutions in different fields. This is why when he finished his industrial diploma at early age he chose to study commerce and joined the faculty of commerce. In his final graduation year he choose Canada at age 27 and through evaluation, he studied applied science, combining Technology, agriculture, health care, and business management in one field of study to persuade his carrier in Applied technical Science after receiving his Bachelor in Applied technical Science-BATS.


Dr. Rushwan succeeded in converting many inventions into real life products.  He is the first to:


·         Invent a process, specialized chemicals, and custom machines to revive used lead batteries for environment protection and practical recycle in 1986. He proved his invention’s contribution from the regular automotive battery to the multi tones submarine battery.

·         Introduce the First Canadian Engine Treatment package in 1993, with proud trail of thanks, recommendation letters and testimonials for the benefits of his invention. From Wal-Mart to Canadian Tire, from Performance Racing Cars to the Clean-Air Laboratory set by the Canadian Government, throughout the entire world there are appreciative customers and clients.

·         Invent a process to return Ginseng back to the Wild and produce multi strain Wild Ginseng in less than 7 years. Also succeeded in Amalgamating Wild Ginseng and other lucrative herbs in regular horticulture environment that shares similar soil and climate requirements as a long term add-on extra profit elements.

·         Invent a magnetic system for Engine Oil Filters to severely reduce the oil consumption in cars and protect the environment from bad emissions. This new technology got extended to the Drinking water protection making use of the amazing magnetic affect in almost every application.

·         Invent the Set-Free mechanism that can free cars from sticky situation using the car engine itself.

·         Invent the Hovercraft Famous Teflon Skirt, by eliminating ground friction that put the Hovercraft technology on hold for 50 years.

·         Finally, invented the Hover tsunami platform to help moving rescued victim buses over land and water.


·         Dr. Rushwan received his Ph.D. for his new techniques in the field of Applied Technical Science. He shared the know-how in his first online-course and now is sharing his actual techniques of inventing new products and getting them on shelf in this online-course.

·         Dr. Rushwan reveals his techniques through this online-course for every inventor who is to manage the technical and commercial responsibilities by himself, as a Technopreneurs

·         Dr. Rushwan is not only a technical achiever, his commercial achievements are distinguished

·         He was the youngest Canadian supplier to Wal-Mart in 1995 with his new invented 2-Cycle Engine Treatment, at an age of 29

·         Dr. Rushwan established his Canadian Corporation in the age of 30, which is now an international technology bank to sell R.S.Proteks Know-How for new investors of actually exporting demanding products and always with extra technology edge.

·         Dr. Rushwan succeeded in forming his first business group alliance in the age of 31 with more than 15 businesses. Supplying Wal-Mart and many other market clients under his brand with the minimum investment of every party but with the highest return.

·         Dr. Rushwan Succeeded in building distinguished Internet presence, turning the table on the old business rules and underground organizations while building new strategies that generates international leads, agreements, and sales.

·         Dr. Rushwan succeeded in building a barter network that substituted cash in many occasions.

Dr. Rushwan was the first to call for establishing International Technology bank to provide technology for every human and prevent the abuse of both power and technology


Dr. Rushwan’s focus for this online-course is the audience he could not reach before. The do-it-yourself individuals could not afford his previous title because of price limitations, but can read and reap rewards from this online-course today.


Please allow Dr. Rushwan to be your new business adventure host and send us your feedback



Dr. Rushwan is the first to succeed in triggering Wild Ginseng as a personal investment, learn how and why?



Dr. Rushwan has Invented the first Canadian Engine Treatment



Dr. Rushwan was the youngest to Supply WalMart



Dr. Rushwan

Featured in Mississauga Business news newspaper, Ontario, Canada.






Dr. Rushwan carrying treated engine model in one on one Active RushStar Presentation




online-course Review:



This online-course has all the Bells and Whistles you need to be a Technopreneur.

From someone who started his first invention in the age of 13 and supplied Wal-Mart at the age of 29 when he was the youngest supplier.

He finished his Ph.D. in the age of 40! Though his intense research took 7 years.

From how to invent to registering the Corporation, from your laboratory, to presentations, you will learn so much! This includes:

·         Knowing at the printer shop

·         Meetings

·         Surveillance types and Anti-Surveillance techniques,

·         Prototypes,

·         Naming your invention,

·         How-to start-with-ZERO-budget,

·         How to turn down time into paid SR&ED,

·         How to give Barter for cash,

·         How to make the Internet your favorite business community,

·         How to supply department stores,

·         How to sell to the government,

·         The art of closing a deal

·         And even the Art of Success plus predictions for the next 50 years that could be a trends and vital products.


Now it's the knowledge, tomorrow will be highly demanded commodity



Enjoy reviewing essential parts of the online course...

1. Zero Budget prototype
2. Your Corporation, Your identity
3. The Internet, Your Empire
4. Barter, turning the table on the emperor’s gold
5. How to turn Challenge into Opportunity and down-time into R&D
6. How to survive surveillance
7. The art of Success


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And Much Much More.......



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Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs

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Essential Strategies
Zero Budget prototype
Your corporation, your identity
Internet Empire
Opportunity in every Challenge
Survive surveillance
Art of success
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