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1 888 6000909


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RushStar Corporation


Address Line1: 5810 Ambler Drive, Unit 14
Address Line2:  MCT 110296
City: Mississauga
State: Ontario
ZipCode: L4W4J5


Address Line1: Aramex International Hava Kargo ve Kurye A.S, Mimar Sinan cad. Serhat sok. No: 35, 34306 Ikitelli
Address Line2:  MCT 110296
City: Istanbul
State: Marmara
ZipCode: 34306


Address Line1: TOKYO SRC UNIT-A5F Katsushima AIC
Address Line2:  MCT 110296
City: Shinagawa-ku
State: Tokyo
ZipCode: 140-0012

South Korea:

Address Line1: CJ Korea Express AIC, 1st Fl., Banghwadaero 21gil 72
Address Line2:  MCT 110296
City: Seoul
ZipCode: 07616

For Emergency contacts:

Please contact RushStar Corporation Toll free # 24 Hours and press 7 for Emergency:

1 888 6000909

Canada & US,

and Now Toll free in some countries as follow:

001 888 6000909

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