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RushStar Automotive: Developers, Manufacturers and Exporters

More than 30  years in ever developed Automotive business, Long Experience, sharp edge products, and brand new innovations to protect your vehicle.



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The newest Engine Flush from RushStar International, lowest pollutions to the environment, less friction and wear, faster engine, less fuel
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RushStar Products built the reputation of High Quality and Great Value.

Our main Trade is Bulk and Containers

Start up with the RushStar Dealer package

1 Drum of RushStar Intelligent Engine Treatment

1 Drum of RushStar Superior Fuel System Treatment

1 Drum of RushStar Combatable Engine Flush

Proudly RushStar Offers un-fluctuated Pricing Rates with No Raise for 5 years

Reason: RushStar is the Original Supplier

30% saving for your customer in oil change and fuel consumption, 50% profit for you, and good reputation from RushStar to your firm,  fair for every one


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